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  The MS Easy Filer software convert policy transaction data contained in an Excel spreadsheet template into the MS XML data format ready to be uploaded into SLIP. This import method allows agents to submit policy data in a single batch process instead of individually entering policies and transactions through SLIP. The method will be especially beneficial to agents or carriers filing a large amount of data with MSLA. A single XML file may contain information for multiple policies. We suggest no more than 2,000 2,500 policy transactions per file. MSLA limits file size to no more than 4MB (a 1500 policy file is about 750KB when zipped). You can submit as many files as often as you like. A file is limited to one Agency and one Agent (MSLA requirement).
  The Easy Filer software comes preconfigured with the Contact, Agency and Agent information. Multiple versions of the software will be required if more than one agent data is to be reported. The MSLA details, including the required format, are published on the MSLA website ( under Batch Reporting Procedures if you would like to review them. A user manual for the MS Easy Filer software is available by request.

Just fill in the information following the format of the Excel spreadsheet, run it through the MS Easy Filer software and upload it through SLIP. No more tedious entry of individual transactions.

  * View the sample Excel Spreadsheet, Instructions or sample XML File

 Excel Template                          MSEF Instructions                        Sample XML File
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