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12.12.2012   #66
SD To Clearinghouse, ELANY Bulletin,VA Tax Guide                                     Read More >>  

11.1.2012    #65
CA Stamping Fee to .200 Eff 1/1/2013                                                              Read More >>  

11.1.2012   #64
SC Tax Rate, Texas Late Filings, OK NRRA                                                    Read More >>  

10.17.2012   #63
NY Policy Stamp, Tax Info Sheet Revised, KS, VA                                         Read More >>  

9.17.2012    #62
PA 1609 Revised, MN Stamping Fee to .06%                                                   Read More >>  

8.20.2012    #61
CA, HI, SC, Surplus Lines Course, Tax Reporting Service                                  Read More >>  

7.17.2012    #60
PA Affidavit, KY Calculator, NY Part C, NV Exits NIMA, UT, WY                    Read More >>  

6.20.2012    #59
KY Muni Tax Calculator, LA Filing Inst, CT, SD, AR, WI, NIMA                      Read More >>  

6.6.2012    #58
MS New Form, MI Fee to $57, WV, GA, FL, AK, WI, PA, VT, MN                       Read More >>  

5.9.2012   #57
DE Quarterly Reporting, FL XML Reporting                                                      Read More >>  
5.1.2012   #56
MS Reduces Fee and No Affidavit, CA Form 570, CO Bill, MA                          Read More >>  

4.4.2012   #55
WY WI IA NRRA Laws, NV Qtr Invoice, CT Stamp, WV Forms                         Read More >>  

3.20.2012   #54
NH Tax Rate, WA Policy Stamp, TX Amnesty, RI Forms                                  Read More >>  

2.28.2012   #53
CA Tax Retuern, HI FAQ's, IA HF2145 AR Delay, MD Reporting                     Read More >>  

1.25.2012   #52
NC Form F, NJ Prem Report, WY Report CA Forms, NE                                   Read More >>  

1.4.2012   #51
NWA Stamp, LA MA TX MS & MT Tax Bulletins, MT Fees                                Read More >>  

12.6.2011   #50
ND NRRA, KY Multi- State, AZ HB2112, FSLSO Agent XML                              Read More >>  

11.11.2011   #49
NAIC, FL 2011-03, NE Reporting, MS Tax, LA Tax, NV Tax                            Read More >>  

11.1.2011 Subscriber Alert
NE Reporting Requirements, MA and LA Tax Collection                                Read More >>  

10.26.2011   #48
FL Agent Format, WA Policy Stamp, MA Policy Stamp, NRRA Updates       Read More >>  

10.10.2011   #47
DE Multi-State, GA Tax Forms, , MS Agent XML Software                             Read More >>  

9.20.2011   #46
NRRA Updates, SC Reporting, DE Policy Stamp                                             Read More >>  

8-30.2011  #45
OR Tax Rate, NRRA Updates, TDI Bulletin, AR SL-2                                     Read More >>  

8.16.2011  #44
FL Export List, NRRA Updates, HI Reminder, MS XML Filing                          Read More >>  

7.25.2011  #43
WA Affidavit, OR Tax Rules, LA Tax Rules, NRRA State Updates                Read More >>  

7.11.2011  #42
TN SL-2, ELANY Part A, SLOT #2011-11, WV Bulletin #180                          Read More >>  

6.22.2011  #41
TN Tax Rate, MI Fee, ME Bulletin, CA NRRA                                                  Read More >>

6.8.2011  #40
ND NRRA, KY Multi- State, AZ HB2112, FSLSO Agent XML                            Read More >>  

5.27.2011  #39
SC on Excel, MS XML Subscriber Affidavit Page                                             Read More >>

 5.24.2011  #38
PA SL Bulletins, FL Export List, AR SL-4, ELANY NRRA Bulletin                    Read More >>

 5.2.2011  #37
WA Reduces Stamping Fee, KY Tax Calc, NJ Dec Page Notice                       Read More >>  

MS Policy Fees, KY Municipal Tax Bulletin, MS XML Software                        Read More >>  

NY to Tax 100% of Premium, FL Citizens Reduced to 1%, TX Bill 1553    Read More >>  

MN Updated PV 53, RI Annual Tax Forms, CT Eliminates SL-10 Report     Read More >>  

ME Form INS-6, MA Forms Page Change, NY Agent Search                             Read More >>  

CA Export List, KS Statement of Insured, NAPSLO NRRA Protocol               Read More >>  

 1.14.2011   Revised
CO Affidavit for Courtesy Filings                                                                      Read More >>  

FL to Reduce Citizens, WV Tax Form, SC Form 2001A                                        Read More >>  

MA Delays OPTins, , SLIMPACT-Lite, State Affidavit page                               Read More >>  

NIMA or SLIMPact-lite, ,MN Form IG255, PSLA New Fields                              Read More >>  

PA Electronic Affidavit, FSLSO Fields added, MA Broker Fees                         Read More >>  

GA Affidavit Revised, OK Delays OPTins                                                             Read More >>  

NJ $50 Fee Cap until ?, FSLSO SLIP for IPC, New Affidavit Page                   Read More >>  

NV SLIP, DE Forms Revised, NAIC Fall Meeting                                                 Read More >>  

NJ $50 Fee Cap until 10/1, NAPSLO Webinar                                                     Read More >>  

MN to Tax Fees, VA Revises Affidavit Requirements                                         Read More >>  

NJ Policy Fee Rule, Affidavit Page Added to Website                                      Read More >>  

New Hampshire Increases Tax to 3% Eff 7/1, MN Stamp Fee                       Read More >>  

FL Revises Agent Reporting Requirements, OH Filing Date                           Read More >>  

Rhode Island Increases Tax to 4% Eff 7/1                                                       Read More >>  

MI Increases Policy Fees, MN Changes Fee Cap                                             Read More >>  

NJ Reporting Worksheet, Florida CAT Fund                                                      Read More >>  

PA Revises Affidavit Requirements, CMS Reporting                                         Read More >>  

TN Revises SL-2, KY Publishes 2010-11 Muni Taxes                                        Read More >>  

Alabama Relaxes Due Diligence for Wind Cover                                          Read More >>  

KY Website Address, SD SB 32 Uniform Reporting                                            Read More >> 

Arkansas Amends Rule 24                                                                                  Read More >> 

Dodd Releases Revised Draft of Legislation                                                       Read More >> 

RI, OH, NH and NY Announce Filing Changes                                                       Read More >> 

Maryland Admin Bulletin 10-06, CMS Reporting                                                 Read More >> 

Top 25 SL Carriers 06-08                                                                                               Read More >> 

Kentucky Clarifies Surcharge Increased Eff 4/1/10                                            Read More >> 

Kentucky Surcharge Increased To 1.8%                                                                 Read More >> 

California Increases Stamping Fee Eff 2/1/2010                                                Read More >>  

Overview of 2009 Changes                                                                                           Read More >> 

Dodd Draft Boosts Surplus Lines Reform          
                                                     Read More >>  

California Increases Stamping Fee Eff 2/1/2010                                                Read More >>  

FSLSO announces discontinuance of Agent and Carrier desktop software support.
New format required 12/15/2009
                                                                              Read More >> 

New Jersey Surplus Lines Tax Increased
The New Jersey State Legislature has passed a bill which was signed into law on June 30, 2009 increasing the New Jersey State Surplus Lines Tax from 3% to 5% effective July 1, 2009. 

The budget also increased the accident and health insurance premium taxes from 1 to 1.35 percent

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